This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome Fall!

Being back at school is in full swing, the leaves are changing and we are starting to need a sweatshirt in the morning. Oatmeal to start the day and soup on the stove in the evening! Love this time of year... and we just bought our first pumpkin. Still have to get out the fall decorations and hem all the long pants but this weekend is looking good for that. Until then you will find us cuddling on the couch with a soft blanket watching our new favorite movie, "Monsters vs. Aliens."

Ears, Sign Language and Communicating

Hearing problems and Down syndrome seem to go hand-and-hand but that doesn't mean you can't get your point across! There are amazing tools out there to help... including regular audiological assessments. Gavin uses hundreds of signs, lots of picture exchange and a sound field system to amplify the teacher. What ever it takes give people with Down syndrome the power to hear and be heard!

After School Programs are Amazing!

One place we have found continued acceptance and inclusion is in our afterschool program, Stone Soup. Here Gavin has made so many friends from several of our local elementary schools and built lasting relationships with adults in our community. At Stone Soup, Gavin is given academic support, social opportunities, and some exposure to recreation from visiting community activities like karate and dance. He loves movie Fridays with ice cream and dance party days!

People Who Lift Us Up!

Behind every amazing person with Down syndrome is a support system. One of the key people in our support system has been the fabulous and amazing Miss Amanda! She rescued us from the terrible situation we were in and put the smile back on Gavin's face. She is a wonderful part of our extended family that we have been blessed to meet because of Gavin having Down syndrome. With the delighful Miss Amanda also came her whole family which we feel lucky enough to call our own!

Shines More Than The Rest

The curious thing about Down syndrome is when you don't know someone with it, you can be afraid but once you get to know someone with Down syndrome you begin a love affair that can last a lifetime. People with Down syndrome are incredibly loyal and enthusiastic friends. Suddenly, you find yourself smiling all the time!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Being Like You

Today I will celebrate you and be more like you. I will embrace your enthusiasm and recognize music is reason enough to dance... I will not worry who is watching. I will embrace friends with a hug, a handshake, a high-five and honor that we are all connected. I will face the challenges in the obstacle course of life with eagerness for the adventure and when I "wipe-out," I will laugh while I get up and get back in the game. With each new opportunity I will smile and see the "WoW," and eagerly run to you to share. I will tuck a treasure in my bag as I head out into the world each day, so when I am discouraged or tired or lonely I will have something to hold in my hand that helps me be brave. When I like something I will say so, when someone does a good job I will say so, and when I have done a good job I will say so. I will laugh, I will play, I will watch movies, hum theme songs and read good books. I will be loyal to friends, and favorites, and even my own ideas no matter what anyone says. When I am wrong I will say sorry, sign sorry, act sorry and make amends until you believe I am sorry. I will believe in superheros and angels, Santa and wishing on a star. I will talk to myself if I want to. I will tell you how beautiful you are every day, touch your face with amazement and always insist on a hug and a kiss when we say goodbye and hello.