This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Grown Up Christmas List

As I look at these three amazing young men... I know I have the best gift I could ever wish for. I get to watch them grow up every day. I get their, "I love you's." It was only a moment ago in my mind's eye memory that their lives hung in the balance. I learned then that they are borrowed from God and I need to be grateful for every minute... and I am. Still, if I were to crawl up into the big warm lap of the man in red velvet I would ask for a few things...

Let my children know a world that has a moral code. Where car manufacturers, home lenders, and even politicians have to live up to their promises. Where hard work, honesty and integrity are virtues to attain. Let my children know that we are all connected and it is good to help one another. Let them know there are things more important than the bottom line... and those things aren't things. Let my children receive a quality education, one which prepares them not only for a higher education but for an independent life contributing in our community. Let my children have access to health care... where going to the doctor isn't a luxury beyond our grasp. Let my children know laughter. Let them know that there is greatness in giggling until you can't catch your breath. Let them know the joy of playing and sharing. That while there are serious issues to deal with silliness sometimes gives our mind the leap it needs to find a solution. Let my children know patience. In this world where we have instant pudding, microwave meals, up-to-the-minute communication and credit in 3 minutes... let them learn to wait. Old saying, "Good things come to those that wait." Let them not be in too much of a hurry to grow up. There is truth in only getting to be young once, despite what plastic surgery can do... we get one go around on the ride of life. Let my children know quiet and peaceful. This world is so noisy... so filled with sound-bites. We are constantly bombarded with chatter. Let my children know how to listen, especially when we disagree. Let them have the ability to extract the meaning in the message. Let my children know acceptance where they don't need to look, behave, or be a certain way to belong. Just being is enough. Let my children know the Lord, not the one of religion that divides people, judges people and punishes people... but the one and only Lord whose door is always open, prayers are always heard, and shoulders are broad enough to carry all our burdens... Let them be on a first name basis.

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