This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forever Love my Angel

Dear Sweet Julia,

From the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one. Wherever you were that is where I wanted to be, and the line was long behind me. Everything we did together was the best. Just hanging out eating Cheetos and pretzels, watching a movie. Partying on birthdays -- hamming it up for the camera. Bouncing in the bounce house. Blowing bubbles. Chalking the sidewalk. Sharing toys and sharing stories. Our stories, that no one else knew. As if your beauty wasn't enough, you're smile and laugh were like a magnet. For you I would do anything... and be happy doing nothing. Just laying around, snuggling and holding hands.

I can't imagine trick-or-treating without you. As a fairy, or a princess... no one could sparkle more. I can't imagine prom without you. I can't imagine anything without you.

My mom joked that your family better like us, because we were going to be together for a long, long time. She knew the way I doted on you that I was a goner. My heart was spoken for and I could only hope you felt the same way.

I guess God felt I needed an angel more than a girlfriend, because that's what you are now. I sure will miss my girlfriend... every minute of everyday. Someday, when I see you again, I hope you'll save a dance for me.

I love you Julia.
February 26, 2002 - February 27, 2009


airkamd said...

Hi Suz, I am touched by your blog. I am praying for you and if you ever need someone to pray with you, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, I am here on behalf to CCDSF in Modesto. You can reach me I am praying for you as of this moment. Much love, KMD

SuzeBeeBlog said...

Thank you for your prayers. Please extend them to Julia's family as they are reeling from this loss. They are living our greatest fear, the loss of a child, and they are doing it with so much strength and courage. I spent Friday evening with them and was just amazed at their celebration of Julia's life. They are helping us all be brave and reminding us to hug those we love, often.

airkamd said...

I just got the other e mail with all the information and I will defenitely extend my thoughts and prayers to the family. Thank u Suze

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. I am so moved by your loving post. This dear family is living our greatest fear. They will be in our thoughts and prayers, as all the families they and their little Julia have touched.