This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's Build a Better World

I have heard, "It takes a village..." I have also heard "there are... half a million people with Down syndrome in the United States alone, or just about one on every other street corner."(Michael Berube). That's roughly the population of Washington D.C. and based on those numbers I would say we can build a better World. I know Gavin is busy building a better World. Every day he builds friendships, he changes attitudes and he spreads joy. Navigating "Normalville," does require wearing a hard hat(and sometimes the use of a hammer). When I see this smile I know no matter how long the construction takes it is worth the effort.

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Tommy's mommy said...

We agree that change requires a hammer and hardhat. Well written! Sorry to hear of the sweet lil' girl pictured in recent posts. My heart goes out to her parents, she was a cutie!