This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Dear Gavin,

It is hard to believe a decade has passed since I witnessed the miracle of your birth.  I had been in love with you for months, sight unseen, just a flutter of movements that seemed to settle when I talked to you.  When you arrived you were the gentlest spirit, sleeping through the night almost right away; loving to be cuddled and held… it was hard to put you down. 

One of your most endearing qualities was how you would reach up your tiny hand and rest it ever so gently on my cheek.  You wooed quite a few hearts with this move, you still do with an added, “I love you.”  We all fall for it. 

Over the years as you have hit each milestone, and celebrated birthdays I have said, “Oh, this is my favorite age,” only to have you move to the next step and be delighted a new.  Today, you are a friend, an encourager, an optimist, a companion, a caregiver, an advocate, a play mate, a helper, a student, a collector, an enthusiast, a reader, a team mate, a magician, a comedian, a greeter, and a believer… you are the brother everyone wants, the friend we want to deserve, the son I could never do enough to be worthy of and yet here you are.  I don’t know a person who loves more or tries harder; I don’t know a better person.  Having you in our lives has changed us.  It has changed our career paths, our priorities, our wants, our hopes and our dreams.  Our vision of the world has a lens… you, which we now look through.  Things that were once so important are just things now and moments that flew by unnoticed now hover like butterfly wings almost stopping time with how they awe us.  You have taught us to see, taste, smell, feel and touch the world in a whole new way… that has made us richer; made us better.  We are simpler because of you and at the same time we have so much more depth.

With you in our lives we have learned a new language… a way of communicating that transcends words.  You have shown us the value of speaking with expression, movement and sound.  The music that is your laughter could soothe even the deepest hurts and the way you read us and reach us in these moments defies explanation.  Your courage and tenacity to overcome obstacles…of adversity, discrimination, and ignorance… to give us grace over and over… you exemplify humanity at its finest.

It is easy for me to admit, there is nothing I would rather do than spend time with you.  Your company is easy and I never grow tired of your companionship.  Your expectations are plain… my presence is present enough. I miss you when we are apart and I appreciate that you tell me you miss me too.  That tender honesty and vulnerability are some of your noblest qualities. 

Thank you for giving us such an amazing gift… you.  Thank you for giving it every moment of every day for the last 10 years.  I love you for always and happy birthday!


Dani said...

Just beautiful Suze!!!!

Dani said...

Beautifully written Suze!