This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seeing Thor at Disneyland -- A Must Do!

Thor… superpowers for the good and so much more than a comic book God.

During our many adventures at Disneyland we took the opportunity to visit Innoventions.  We were told there were some Marvel exhibits there that we would want to see.  After entering Innoventions, which is like a museum of modern technology, we made our way toward the Iron Man and Thor exhibits.  Both had lines, and my son was fixated on the Iron Man suit on display so they got in the Iron Man line and I headed off to the Thor line.  Both of these exhibits are “visiting” so there isn’t good signage or architectural direction.  The line consisted of blue “painters” tape on the floor that was too short to accommodate the crowd so the crowd had divided itself into two groups that converged into one.  It was probably a fire hazard and it was a “play fair” challenge.  It also lacked a cast member to provide direction.  I watched as an argument almost broke out behind me, when tempers became heated a Good Samaritan let the couple in line ahead of her.  The line moved slowly but consistently and when it became apparent that it was almost our turn I still didn’t have my family.  I explained to the cast member my challenge and he let me go get my family and then let us into the waiting area.  This was awesome.  The waiting area still had about a 15 minute wait but we now had displays of weapons to look at and read about.   

We were then escorted into a chamber (like the elevator of Haunted Mansion) where more displays of head pieces and shields are on display.  Anthony Hopkins narrates as we are “transported” to Asgard.   
The doors slide open and the MOST authentic Thor is on the throne.  He recites his lines and nails the voice, the laugh and the gestures.  You truly feel like you are standing in front of Thor.  My kids are thrilled.  Thor spends a couple minutes with each family/group for a chat plus photo op and finally (saving the best for last) it is our turn.  Thor acknowledges the twins birthday, how now they are men (some jokes ensue and the dead-on Thor laugh). Thor says hello to Samantha and Gavin and then they pose for a photo, and another and still another.   

He tries to convince my mom to join the photo and she is all, “nah… that’s okay.”  Thor replies, “I would be honored to have a fair maiden such as yourself on my arm.”  She giggles that school girl laugh, her knees do a little knock… and I swear, she swoons, “Gosh, alright.”  Suddenly, she is pushing Kris out of the way so she can stand next to Thor.  More photos.  Mom blushing.  Then she is touching his armor and patting his muscled arms… he is mimicking her behavior and it is quite funny.   

We gather our belongings… all grinning ear-to-ear, ready to leave and Thor says, “Gavin, wait.”  Thor says, “Gavin come back here… I need your help with something.”  He sets his hammer down and says “Only those the enchantments of Mjolnir deem worthy may lift the hammer.”  Thor gestures for Gavin to help him and together they lift Mjolnir.  Mom and I are both crying at this point while Thor embraces Gavin telling him, “Gavin you are worthy and very special.”

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