This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing Tallulah

I know you may be thinking what does a dog have to do with Down syndrome awareness? Well in a word... everything. I will tell you a story. You see, I went with my family to Monterey Bay Aquarium and there was a group of kids there, special kids, different kids, I don't know -- you pick the title, and I am drawn to kids like mine, so when I see them it is like long lost family; rediscovered, and I run across the room, waving my arms, appearing quite crazed to introduce myself, shake hands, talk, hug... effervesce my enthusiasm all over the place. So I go bounding over to these kids, and with these AmAzInG kids, acting incredible I might add, is a big dog --hello? we are in the aquarium! Well I hit my brakes and my brain does this little screech sound in my head and I am like -- WoW a Dog?! I stand there with my head sort of tilted, and I am sure I look lost or confused when this boy of about 12 (who I can see is wondering what my diagnosis is) says, "Hi, yeah, this is Sadie she is our therapy dog. You can pet her if you want." So I am petting the dog and calming down from my excitement of seeing my people and processing a dog walking around in the aquarium and the kids are watching me. One girl says, "She helps us to be calm, she is good at that." Obviously she is helping me at that moment, as I continue to pet her. Another says, "She helps keep us in our group and if one of us walks away from the others, she barks." A boy in a wheelchair says, "she gets things for me, like when I drop my pencil." The stories of how Sadie helped this group of kids went on for quite a while as I met each of the kids and their program leaders. I was one of many that learned more about a dog and some amazing kids than about sea life that day. She was the awareness dog.

And I knew I wanted a Sadie for Gavin. Someone to help him, calm him, herd him; be a companion for him and a trusted friend. Fast forward to a month ago and meet Tallulah. Now she is still a puppy and busy learning how just to be a good dog (not eating shoes, peeing outside, etc.) but she is so smart and in love with Gavin. Okay so maybe she thinks he tastes like a Milk-Bone dog biscuit, but she always wants to be near him. Sleeping beside him, under his chair while he does homework, stretched out watching movies next to him. They watch Marmaduke, BH Chihuahua and Marley & Me -- over and over.

Today they took a bath together -- his idea. Gavin made the bath, got in, washed, washed his own hair, and then called Lula and proceeded to give her a nice scrub. Therapy dog... hmm good thing. Good therapy. What does a dog have to do with Down syndrome awareness... in a word... everything.