This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dreams Come True

On our trip to Disneyland Gavin was selected to be the recipient of "A Year Of A Million Dreams." When we arrived at our hotel there was a package waiting for us that had a card, lanyards and glossy photos signed by all the characters. Upon arriving at the park, Gavin was given special ears and met the Mayor of Disneyland. At California Park where we busily involved the whole store in creating every Potato Head Man (woman, person and creature) EVER... we were awarded with trading pins because we embodied the spirit of Disney. It was awesome.

Speaking of Dreams, one thing we did that I recommend to anyone going Disneyland is character meals. Even if you are going on your honeymoon (aka: without kids) go have a character meal. First of all the food was great. Buffet style, beautifully presented and tasty. Second, no lines to meet the characters because they come right up to our table, chat and sign autographs... even pose for photos! Lilo danced hula with Gavin for at least 20 minutes, Tigger ate cornflakes and Fairy Godmother cast a magical Happiness spell. (It was real and it worked!)


Anonymous said...

How do you get to be such a thing?! We haven't been to Disney yet but it's just a matter of time! Such a cutie isn't he! Just visiting for 31 for 21!

SuzeBeeBlog said...

Well I am not sure how. Here's what I did... though it does not come with a promise of working :)

First of all I am a single mom so I planned (with Disney Travel) every step of our trip... the hotel, the tickets, the reservations for character meals, restaurants, etc. Our Disney Travel agent knew I was traveling with three children and that the youngest has Down syndrome. She was awesome and so was the Marriott Suites at accommodating us. I think that using Disney Travel may have helped but this is not an advertisement for them or a guarantee it is just my gut feeling. Also, we oozed enthusiasm and excitement every minute of the trip until we fell into our beds exhausted with joy and drempt about it all over again!