This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Everyone can be a Superhero

My thoughts on being a Superhero are this: Anyone can be one! We all possess in ourselves the ability to be more than we are... perhaps that is more patient, more generous, more complimentary. In each of us are the qualities to be someone's hero every day. In those acts of kindness... opening the door for a stranger, giving someone the right-of-way, saying "Hello, have a nice day." Here's one... SMILING! Did you ever take stock of your day and think, "No one smiled at me today?" Be that someone.

What is amazing about my Superhero Gavin is he does those things everyday. He goes up to people everywhere and shakes their hand, then he says, "Mommy, cmere!" and I have to shake hands with that someone. He has totally pried me out of my space bubble and forced me to greet the world with a smile and a handshake. But Gavin doesn't stop there. If he is having a snack, he shares. If he is reading a book he asks those nearby to sit with him and have a look. Sometimes I will get in my head (and there are some dark places there) and he will just know... he'll reach up and place the sweetest hand on my cheek, looking at me imploringly as if to say come back from there mommy. He rescues me so much from myself.

He loves all things Spiderman. I like to think it is because Spiderman was sort of a nobody without a nuclear family... his greatness yet to be discovered and that greatness comes when he is genetically changed. One of the things I love about Spiderman is when he shoots his web he makes the symbol (in American Sign Language) for I Love You.

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