This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I See In You

I see in you the whole universe. When I look into your eyes I see stars and sparkles and far away places. Things known and unknown that are so much bigger than you and me. In your eyes I see Heaven.

Did you know what makes your eyes so beautiful is actually a defect? The sparkles and stars in your eyes are called Brushfield spots and it is a birth defect of the connective tissue of the iris. Did you know that people buy contacts with Brushfield spots on them? Sometimes it is funny what we call perfection and what we call defective.

When I look at you I just see sparkles and stars. I see in you a person with so much more compassion than I have risen to. I see a simplicity and joy in you that is so admirable. A playfulness and laughter that is more harmonious than any piece of music I have ever heard. Your quick smile and unconditional love for everyone which you give so freely without it being earned or deserved. I see in you so many qualities that define humanity. I see in you a better world... gentler, kinder, peaceful. I see in you... the future.

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