This is my Masterpiece

This is my Masterpiece

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Every Vote Counts

We are less than a month away from electing a new president who will have the opportunity to address some really tough domestic issues. Party lines aside, in the disability community we need a president ready to fully fund IDEA so children like Gavin have the opportunity to be educated, included and prepared for an independent future. We need a president who will reform health care so that every person regardless of disability is eligible for affordable health care. That health care needs to be comprehensive enough to assist an obese and aging population that may not be disabled but that is in the forefront of this health care crisis. We need a president that will address our economy... banking, housing and employment.

When my son was born a social worker handed me a brochure, "This baby needs you more." It is still true, just insert the words "to vote"... "This baby needs you (to vote) more." Please get informed about the candidates and issues... please, please make a difference with your vote.

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